Access key program documentation, introductory Workday material and a glossary of MyDay terminology here. Keep an eye out for MyDay FAQs and more coming soon!

Core Workday Concepts

Learn more about some of the key concepts relating to the Workday implementation.

Workday 101
In June 2018, Collaborative Solutions, our implementation partner, delivered a general overview of Workday’s Human Resources and Finance capabilities to MyDay Executive Committee and Lead Team members. We captured these two and a half hour sessions for those who are interested in learning more about what Workday can do.

Foundation Data Model (FDM)
In Workday, the chart of accounts is called the Foundation Data Model (FDM) and provides the structure for all financial data in the system. The FDM consists of a variety of worktags, or data elements, that are attached to all financial transactions to facilitate tracking and reporting. Workday is built on a system of hierarchies that allow for both summary level and detailed reporting. This new reporting capability and robust data available will enable our university leaders to make faster, better-informed decisions.

Supervisory Organizations and Academic Units
On January 31, 2019, we held an information session on Supervisory Organizations and Academic Units, which is the backbone of Workday’s HR system. HR from across the university were invited to attend. This is the presentation we used to provide an overview of these two key Workday concepts.

Business Processes
Workday offers us a chance to simplify and streamline some of our business processes. This document offers an introduction to Workday Business Processes, including key terms and samples.

Security is how Workday manages what each user can see or do in the system. It controls all aspects of Workday beyond access to data and reports. Each person’s security role or roles will determine which actions they can take (e.g. initiate, approve, etc) within a specific business process. This document is a quick overview of some of the features of Workday Security.

The MyDay vision focuses on improving our ability to make insight-driven decisions. Workday reporting is a vital piece of that ability. Workday includes hundreds of standard reports and the option to create custom reports to fit our unique business needs. This slide deck gives a brief overview of the power of Workday reporting.

Program Background

Learn about MyDay’s history and key activities leading up to the program launch.

About MyDay Overview | March 2018
This presentation is from a series of campus town halls from March 2018.

Business Case | February 2018
This is the proposal presented to WashU’s Board of Trustees of February 28, 2018, to receive funding for the MyDay program.

Chart of Account Preliminary Design | April 2017
In our new Finance environment, we’ll need a new chart of accounts that lines up with Workday Finance. Developed in partnership with Deloitte in April 2017, this document outlines a straw model for a new chart of accounts and served as an input to the vendor selection process. We’ll reference it as we design the new chart of accounts during the Workday Finance project.

Deloitte Readiness Assessment | July 2016
We engaged Deloitte in 2016 to conduct a readiness assessment for an administrative system implementation at WashU. We explored several possible solutions with Deloitte and found that an integrated cloud solution was the best fit for our mission and goals as a university.