Access key program documentation and introductory material for Workday here. Keep an eye out for a glossary of MyDay terminology, FAQs and more coming soon!

Key Documents

About MyDay Overview | March 2018
This is the presentation from a series of campus town halls from March 2018. 

Business Case | February 2018
This is the proposal presented to WashU’s Board of Trustees of February 28, 2018, to receive funding for the MyDay program.

Chart of Account Preliminary Design | April 2017
In our new Finance environment, we’ll need a new chart of accounts that lines up with Workday Finance. Developed in partnership with Deloitte in April 2017, this document outlines a straw model for a new chart of accounts and served as an input to the vendor selection process. We’ll reference it as we design the new chart of accounts during the Workday Finance project. 

Deloitte Readiness Assessment | July 2016
We engaged Deloitte in 2016 to conduct a readiness assessment for an administrative system implementation at WashU. We explored several possible solutions with Deloitte and found that an integrated cloud solution was the best fit for our mission and goals as a university.