WashU launched Workday HCM & Finance on July 1, 2021. This page is available for reference only. For the latest information, please visit the new Workday Help website

The launch of Workday marks a momentous new chapter for the university! This transition offers a significant enhancement. For employees and managers as the new system provides improved self-service capabilities, more robust reporting and increased transparency of information such as pay and work-related information. 

Everyone at WashU will use Workday for employee self-service functions like requesting time off or viewing their payslip. Managers will also have increased visibility and data at their fingertips through Workday’s manager self-service capabilities such as a consolidated calendar view of their entire team’s approved time-offs. 


Employees and managers can begin to familiarize themselves with Workday by completing self-service eLearnings. These eLearnings are available through Learn@Work and can be accessed on-demand anytime starting June 11. You can also check out what you need to know and do ahead of July 1, when Workday goes live, on our readiness pages for staff, managers and faculty.

Unit leaders and business managers: Please see the section below on additional resources available to you to prepare your teams for go-live with these eLearnings. 


Employees will use self-service functions such as requesting time off or viewing their payslip.


In Workday, anyone who has one or more direct reports, including students, is a Manager.

*Managers & Timekeepers

It’s important to understand that in Workday, the Manager security role is assigned to anyone who has one or more direct reports, including students. This is independent from the individual’s actual job title or description.

Note that other security roles (i.e. roles for your department’s HR representative(s) or staff that help approve time) can replicate most of the transactions that a Manager can initiate/approve within Workday.

If you currently help approve time, please check with your business office to confirm you have the Timekeeper security role and check out the Manager eLearnings related to time entry and time off.

Security is how Workday manages what each of us can see or do in the system. You can read more about Workday’s role-based security in our Workday Core Concepts section.

Help When You Need It

In addition to eLearnings, you’ll have access to a robust support system available to help you learn Workday.

Even with good training, we all forget. In fact, the “forgetting curve” is a real thing. Our goal is to reinforce your learning and provide help inside Workday, when you have a question or hit a snag—right when you need it most. You’ll have a suite of support options once we go live with Workday. 

Learn more about how to get help »

For Unit Leaders & Business Managers

We understand our colleagues may prefer to hear about how their work and their team will be affected by changes in self-service from a person they work with.

  • Unit leaders and business managers in our academic and administrative units may choose to share this information directly with their teams.
  • You can leverage the Workday User Awareness Session toolkit below to prepare your team to perform self-service functions in Workday.  
  • You can always refer to the recordings of the sessions where the project team walked through the toolkit and the engagement options available to you.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your Workday Change Liaison or fill out this form.