WashU launched Workday HCM & Finance on July 1, 2021. This page is available for reference only. For the latest information, please visit the new Workday Help website

Going Live with Workday

In July 2021, Washington University in St. Louis will begin using Workday as its new human resources and financial administration system, replacing HRMS and AIS/FIS.  On July 1 we’ll launch Workday; however, we’ll need to wait until July 6 to do several activities, listed below, in Workday. 

July 1: Human Resources & Finance (limited)

Begin using Workday for HR activities & FY22 financial activities, except for those starting July 6. 

Examples of activities you can start doing July 1 include:

Time tracking, updating personal information, hiring and onboarding

Payroll costing allocations, accounting journals, cash sales (receipt vouchers)

July 6: Human Resources & Finance (all remaining)

Activities that can’t be entered into Workday until July 6 are:

Entering and viewing time off (vacation and sick days)

Requisitions and purchase orders

New suppliers and supplier invoices

Spend authorizations (travel advances)

Expense reports tied to spend authorization (travel advance)

See Finance section below for details.

Leading up to Go-Live

In the months leading up to go-live, we need to pause certain activities in HRMS and AIS so we can begin moving the data to Workday.

This page and the resources linked below provide key dates and deadlines, after which point data entered into HRMS and AIS will no longer be converted to Workday. There are also key dates for activities controlled by other systems, such as WUSTL Key activations.

IMPORTANT: Guidance for HR activity

These guiding principles apply to all HR-related activities listed below.

  • Deadlines listed below have been set to allow HR time to process and approve transactions prior to data conversion deadlines. ​
  • Do not pull work forward:
    • Data changes or transactions that can be completed after July 1 should be completed in Workday after July 1 to help reduce the volume of data being converted to Workday. ​
    • Focus efforts on data changes and transactions that need to be completed by July 1. Every effort should be made to enter and route data changes and transactions in HRMS by April 25.​
    • Priority transactions (e.g., faculty hires, hires onto grants) may need to be processed in May or June and should be entered and routed in HRMS no later than June 1.
    • After June 11, a “blackout” begins where data and transactions entered in HRMS will not convert to Workday.
  • Effective dates: HR will not process data changes or transactions with an effective date after July 1.*
  • Completed: Transactions must be complete and approved to be converted. ​Work-in-progress transactions will NOT convert from HRMS to Workday.

*If you have already entered transactions into HRMS with effective dates after 7/1/2021, you will need to re-enter those into Workday after we go live. HR has a report of the transactions that will require re-entry after July and will contact affected units about getting the data entered into Workday. The project team is exploring options for converting future-dated hires beyond 7/1.

    IMPORTANT: Guidance for Financial Activity

    These guiding principles apply to all financial activities listed below.

    • Financial activity leading up to Workday go-live will closely mirror the university’s typical fiscal year end closing process.
    • FY21 year end closing activities are substantially the same as they have been in prior years, but there are some changes related to our transition to Workday.
    • All FY22 transactions will be in Workday.
    • There are things that you can do now and in the months leading up to June that will ease the burden and stress that June and July will surely bring. These items are listed on their respective document processing pages, e.g. interdepartmental free balance, linked below.

    Visit the FY21 Closing section of the Financial Services website, particularly the pages for Document Cutoff Dates, for important details about what will happen to documents that are not fully approved by this year’s cutoff dates. Many financial documents that are not complete will not convert to Workday.

    Dates by topic

    Additional details will be added to this page as they are confirmed. References below to “last day” means the last day to do something before Workday go-live, unless otherwise noted.

    Human Resources

    Guidance for HR activity (above) applies to the following activities:


    Health Benefits

    • May 31: Employees can make changes to their health benefits including FSA and HSA due to life events (marriage, divorce, birth, losing coverage, gaining coverage etc.) via HRMS employee self-service through May 31 at 5 p.m
    • June 11: New Hires/Rehires can enroll in benefits via HRMS employee self-service through June 11 at 5 p.m.
    • After the deadlines above, employees, new hires and rehires should contact the benefits service center at 314-935-2332 or HR-BenefitsMail@wustl.edu for support. They will be directed to either fill out a paper enrollment form or wait to enroll when Workday goes live on July 1.  

    Dependent Tuition

    • May 31: Employees can apply for dependent tuition via HRMS Self Service from April 1 through May 31 at 5 p.m. The next opportunity to apply will be July 1 via Workday.
      • Payment will be facilitated by our new vendor Ed Assist.
      • More information will be provided through the HR newsletter, The Resource, and on the dependent child tuition assistance page of the HR website later in March.

    Retirement Savings

    • Eligible employees can enroll or make a contribution change to their retirement savings per the schedule below by contacting TIAA at (888) 488-3419 or online at tiaa.org/wustlwustl. 


    Group Paycheck Date Deadline to make changes at TIAA
    Biweekly June 18 June 7
    Biweekly & Monthly June 30 June 7


    There is no change to the schedule for 457(b) contribution changes. See June and July deadlines for your reference below. 

    Group Paycheck Date Deadline to make changes at TIAA
    Monthly June 30 May 31
    Monthly July 31 June 30

    Paycheck Deductions

    See Payroll for related information.

    Faculty Titles & Salary

    Faculty re-appointment, promotion, and salary information for July 2021 and earlier will remain visible via the HRMS Faculty Self-Service page after Workday launches.


    All employees

    • June 11: Last day to make payroll-related changes in HRMS Employee Self Service, i.e. direct deposit, W-4, and university gifts via payroll deduction.
    • Paychecks and W-2s will remain visible in HRMS leading up to go-live. After July 1, you can log into HRMS to view old documents.

    Biweekly employees

    • June 30: The pay date for the June 13-26 period will be June 30; originally July 2.
    • The June 30 paycheck is the third check in June for biweekly employees. Per our normal practice when there are three checks in a month, checks will only have spending account (FSA health, FSA dependent care, HSA, and RMSA) and 403b contributions withheld. Other non-benefit deductions such as student loans and United Way will also be withheld per the normal practice.

    Monthly employees

    Monthly employees will not haveany changes to their pay check date or deductions. 

    Personal Information

    • April 30: Last day to update personal information, such as home and mailing address, email, phone, emergency contacts, via HRMS Employee Self Service. 

    Recruiting, Hiring & Onboarding

    Per HR Guidance above:

    • Hiring-related activities that can be completed after July 1 should be completed in Workday after July 1 to help reduce the volume of data being converted to Workday. ​
    • For transactions that need to be completed by July 1, every effort should be made to enter and route transactions in HRMS by April 25.​
    • Priority transactions (e.g., faculty hires, hires onto grants) that need to be processed in May or June should be entered and routed in HRMS no later than June 1.
    • After June 11, a “blackout” begins where data and transactions entered in HRMS will not convert to Workday.

    Key Points for Recruiting, Hiring & Onboarding:

    • It is critical that as many open job requisitions as possible be closed in HRMS and that new jobs posted be only those that are critical to minimize the number of open requisitions to convert to Workday.
    • Applicant data (applications, resumes, etc.) in TAM will NOT convert to Workday.
    • Additionally, completed (not work-in-progress) hires with an effective date of July 1 or earlier will be converted.
    • General Guidance on HR activity leading up to Workday go-live, available above, also applies to recruiting, hiring and onboarding.
    • You can continue to hold recruitment and hiring conversations at any point in time. We must, however, time when new hires are entered into HRMS in order to convert to Workday and to account for applicant access to jobs.wustl.edu.


      • June 1: For new job posting requests, only those positions routed to recruitment services by June 1 will be entered in the current system (TAM) and converted to Workday.
        • Any new job posting requests after June 1, will need to be created as a position and job requisition in Workday by the department post go-live.
      • June 11: For any existing job postings as of June 1, all changes (including closing the job requisition posting) will need to be approved and completed prior to 5 pm on June 11.
        • Job postings that remain in open status on June 11 will transfer to Workday as an open Job Requisition. The job number will remain the same in Workday.
      • June 25: Candidates will be able to apply to all job postings already open in TAM through 5 p.m. on June 25. Candidates will no longer be able to access TAM after this date.
        • Recruitment will need to be notified if the job posting should be posted in Workday to continue to receive candidate applications.
        • Additionally, departments will need to invite current candidates of interest to reapply in Workday. Instructions will be provided.
      • June 30: Departments will have access to TAM to review applicants, interview, and make offers for current openings through the end of June. 
      • July 1: Jobs.wustl.edu will point to the new Workday recruiting site.


      • Faculty offers (verbal or in writing) may continue uninterrupted at all times.  
      • June 1: If staff recruitment is still in process and no offer has concluded by this date, the hire date must be after July 1 (i.e. July 2 or later) and the applicant may need to reapply in Workday. The pre-hire and onboarding process will occur in Workday. 


      • Only hire effective dates of July 1 or earlier will convert into Workday. 
      • Only completed hires (no work-in-progress) will be converted.
      • For the smoothest transition for new hires, start dates effective during the month of June will need to be approved through HR.
        • When selecting a hire start date, keep in mind that WUSTL key activation will be unavailable for several days at the end of June (see Technology) and that parts of Employee Self-Service will be unavailable, requiring new hires to fill out paper forms or wait until July 1, per HR guidance.
      • April 25: For hires that need to occur by July 1, every effort should be made to enter and route transactions in HRMS by April 25.​
      • June 1: Priority hires (e.g., faculty hires, hires onto grants) that need to be processed in May or June should be entered and routed in HRMS no later than June 1 at 5 p.m.
        • All hire information must be routed to HR Operations by June 1 and be fully approved by 5:00 p.m. on June 11 to be converted into Workday.
        • For future dated hires with an effective start date of 7/1/21 or earlier, the hire information will convert to Workday.
        • For effective start dates of 7/2/21 or later, the hire information will not convert from HRMS to Workday. The hire information must be entered in Workday.
      • June 11: After June 11, a “blackout” begins where data and transactions entered in HRMS will not convert to Workday.
      • Faculty new hires entered into HRMS and approved by June 11 at 5 p.m. will convert to Workday. Those received after June 11 will be entered by HR.

          Time Tracking & Time Off (Vacation & Sick Leave)

          Biweekly employees and their managers:

          • June 26: Time, including any time off, for the June 13-26 pay period must be submitted.
          • June 27: Managers must approve employees’ time, including any time off, for June 13-26 pay period.
          • June 27-30: Employees paid biweekly continue to track hours worked in HRMS, per usual. Future-dated time, including time off, for the remainder of the pay period (July 1-10) should not be entered and will not be converted to Workday.
          • July 1: Biweekly employees who previously used HRMS (web clock and timesheets) begin using Workday to enter time, except for any time off. Time clocks will continue to be utilized after go-live and will integrate with Workday. ​
          • July 6:
            • Employees paid biweekly (or their managers) can enter/request time off as of June 27, including the July 4 holiday, in Workday.
            • Time reported in HRMS for June 27-30 will be visible in Workday and paid as part of the June 27-July 10 pay period.
          • The first bi-weekly in Workday is 6/27-7/10 paying 7/16. 

          Monthly employees and their managers:

          • June: Only vacation and sick leave for June and earlier will be brought into Workday. Future-dated vacation or sick leave for July will not be reflected in Workday.
          • June 20: Employees paid monthly must have their June leave record submitted.
          • June 30: Managers must approve employees’ leave records. Any records not approved by this date will be auto-approved.
          • July 6: Time off balances will be available in Workday, and employees can begin requesting time off for July. Adjustments can also be made to forecasted June time. Note that monthly employees should not enter holiday time off, e.g. July 5, as Workday calculates holidays for these employees.


          • April 30: No new installments or changes to time clock group assignments (except for fixes and new hires) will be made after April 30.


          Guidance for financial activity (above) applies to this section:

          • April 30: Last day to create new departments in FIS.
          • June 11: Applications for procurement cards will not be processed between June 11 and July 2 as the team focuses on go-live preparations and FY21 closing. Please plan ahead and allow 1-2 weeks for processing. Applications not processed by June 11 will be processed after July 2.
          • July 1-5: Blackout dates for FY22 purchasing-related transactions in Workday, including:
            • Requisitions and purchase orders
            • New suppliers and supplier invoices
            • Spend authorizations (travel advances)
            • Expense reports tied to spend authorization.
          • Critical transactions, excluding animal orders, that must occur during the blackout must be made via telephone order or with a procurement card, per university policy. Telephone orders during this window must be manually tracked by the initiating department and entered in Workday starting July 6.
            • Animal orders cannot be placed via telephone order during the blackout period so please plan ahead! On July 6, animal orders will need to be initiated via the LAMPS system. Please see the LAMPS project webpage for more information. 


            June 25: Last day for user/access-related changes and setups including:

            • Name, email, and other data changes for existing WUSTL Keys
            • Maestro distribution list changes
            • Changes to group membership or job changes that control access to applications
            • Automatic building/door access setup for new employees

            June 26: Last day for WUSTL Key activations and inbox setups, including guest requests

            July 1: Post Go-Live Access to HRMS & AIS

            • Once Workday goes live in July 2021, AIS and HRMS will become view-only except for FY21 closing and payroll business processes.
            • This means users will have time after Workday launches – approximately 1 year – to download any information they may need, such as tax documentation.
            • Visit the System Retirement & Data Archival page for more information on what will happen to HRMS and AIS after we switch to Workday.

            Plan Ahead!

            For actions that require approval or processing by others, plan to submit requests as early as possible to ensure they can be completed by the specified deadline.