WashU’s mission is multifaceted and ambitious.

We prepare the next generation of leaders through our teaching excellence. We conduct ground-breaking research that addresses some of the world’s greatest challenges. As a national leader in patient care, we are advancing human health in St. Louis, across the country and around the globe.

Every day, each of us contributes in some way to fulfilling this mission. However, to effectively run and advance an organization with our complexity, we all need easier and more timely access to a wide range of data and information.

MyDay is here to help solve this and advance WashU through operational excellence and insight-driven decision making.

What is MyDay?

MyDay is a complex, multi-year program to improve the way we make mission-driven decisions. To do this, we are replacing the university’s core Human Resources, Finance and Student administrative systems with a single, central, integrated system located “in the cloud.” More simply put, we are creating a university-wide data source that allows our people to access information in real time through the internet.

Through MyDay, we also are reimagining and standardizing various administrative processes to improve the way we collect, report and analyze our data, which will better equip all of us to make insight-driven decisions to advance our respective departments, schools, and the university overall. As we streamline processes and reduce redundancies, faculty, students and staff will spend less time on administrative tasks and more on our mission to teach, heal, learn and discover.

Why Now?

Many of the systems we use to manage the university are at the end of their lives. Our core systems for Human Resources, Finance and Student administration were designed more than 20 years ago when we were a smaller, simpler organization and used technology very differently than we need to today.

These systems are made up of more than 100 applications and reporting tools provided by different vendors. Many even were built here at WashU. This complexity means the systems don’t integrate well with one another, or “talk to each other,” making it difficult to access and ensure consistency of information. We’ve created hundreds of manual processes and workarounds to collect, report and analyze crucial data. And due to their age, these systems grow more difficult to maintain and secure every day.

MyDay will improve our ability to answer questions like:

  • How much does it cost to run an academic program?
  • Where does a research department stand with funding?
  • How have students with a particular academic profile performed?

While we have been aware of these challenges for some time, the systems on the market were not mature enough to deliver the kind of environment we want to create. Today, these systems are robust and ready. Many universities of WashU’s size and complexity likewise are modernizing their systems and processes – namely, moving data to the cloud – for easier access and management.

Now is the time; MyDay is the way. We’re on our way to MyDay!

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