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We are embarking on a once-in-a-generation project that will help all of us support and advance our mission well into the future.

MyDay is about developing new ways to use and manage the data needed to run our complex organization. Through this multi-year program, we will replace aging administrative systems and establish consistent processes across the university, giving our people easier access to information to make strategic decisions and further supporting the important contributions they make each day to the university.





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What will happen to HRMS and FIS data after Workday goes live?

What will happen to HRMS and FIS data after Workday goes live?

WashU is a complex organization that requires a massive volume of data to operate effectively. Today, that data lives within a data warehouse, as well as our core administrative systems for finance and human resources. As we move to Workday and those legacy systems are retired, what happens to all of that data?
Ask Me About MyDay: Customization

Ask Me About MyDay: Customization

Historically, WashU has developed many homegrown systems and customized solutions to address the many different operational needs of our academic and administrative units. With Workday, we have an opportunity to configure the system’s framework to meet many of WashU’s core needs while aligning with business best practices.



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