We are embarking on a once-in-a-generation project that will help all of us support and advance our mission well into the future.

MyDay is about developing new ways to use and manage the data needed to run our complex organization. Through this multi-year program, we will replace aging administrative systems and establish consistent processes across the university, giving our people easier access to information to make strategic decisions and further supporting the important contributions they make each day to the university.

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Unit Outreach Activities

There are a number of activities that will require the participation of Washington University’s academic and administrative units as we prepare Workday HCM & FIN go-live, scheduled for July 2021.

These activities, which include data validation, data gathering, and data cleanup, will help ensure that Workday can fulfill critical business needs at launch.

Workday Previews

Expand your understanding of foundational Workday concepts, preview WashU’s configuration of the system, and gain insight into how Workday will impact operations at the university through this video series. 

Includes recordings from the MyDay Café series. 

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Program Newsletter

Data Governance 101

Data Governance 101

What is data governance, and why is it important to MyDay?
Update: July 2021 Extension and Funding Approved

Update: July 2021 Extension and Funding Approved

Henry S. Webber, MyDay Executive Sponsor, provided an update to the Workday HCM and Finance project team and shared the positive outcomes from the June Board of Trustees meeting.
Building Workday

Building Workday

The story of what it takes to build a tenant and get Workday ready for go-live.